The Open Gate Ministry Team

The Open Gate Ministry is Robin Mann and Carrie Glenn. Robin and Carrie are a mother and daughter ministry team, whom God has called to work side-by-side in His Kingdom work; together they are “Two Generations Telling Forth Divine Counsel”.


About Robin





Through a direct Word of Knowledge, God gave Robin a spiritual assignment to, “Water People with Words”, and act as a, “Spiritual Midwife”, helping people to bring forth and birth the fruit of God in their lives. God has called her to “Show People Life in Dead Situations”.

Robin is also passionate about ministering healing, and educating others through her extensive knowledge in health, nutrition and homeopathic medicine, combined with God’s supernatural power through the blood of Jesus, to set all those who are oppressed free in the area of sickness and disease. Robin operates in all nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit and has operated strongly in the gifts of Utterance, Healing, Prophetic Dreams, Open Visions, Words of Knowledge and Prophetic Songs for over fifty years.


About Carrie





God called Carrie into the prophetic office through a vision and a direct Word of Knowledge, telling her “heaven calls you a seer”. God has strongly anointed her in the area of Prophetic Dreams, Open Visions and Words of Knowledge. God has activated Carrie to act as a “Spiritual Alarm” and “Warning System” for the people and to bring the “Rhema” (speaking) voice of God to others in order to help save and restore lives. Carrie is impassioned to help prepare and equip people for Victorious Spiritual Battle by increasing in knowledge of the Word of God and exercising spiritual authority.

Carrie has been receiving God given Dreams and Visions since the age of three, operating in the Gift of Healing since the age of four and giving Words of Knowledge since the age of seven. In 2010, God officially released Carrie into His Prophetic ministry and led her to create The Open Gate. Carrie operates in all nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit and clearly hears the voice of God, which she describes is like “tuning into a radio station and broadcasting God’s frequency”. Some of Carrie’s strongest gifts are, Prophetic Dreams, Open Visions, Words of Knowledge, Utterance, Healing, Prophetic Artwork, Prophetic Songs and Prophetic Writing. She operates in her God given gifts alongside her mother Robin, to help bring Glory to the Kingdom of God!

“It’s time to stand up and exercise our rights as One New Man, united by God and empowered by His Word. Pick up your weapons, it’s time to fight!” – Carrie